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Vimtra Ventures LLC | New York | SF Bay Area | Dallas | Charlotte | Chennai | Hyderabad | Coimbatore 



We are a venture capital business that specializes in global rollups, mergers and acquisitions, startup companies, venture capital, capital placement, funding, restructuring, and exit strategies.


We invest in startups with the ambition and potential to disrupt industries and grow at a rapid rate on a global scale. The founders, partners, and our professional network's decades of experience assist the companies in our portfolio in scaling up their growth.




Vimtra's team of entrepreneurs specializes in domestic and cross-border mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, company combinations, and public market takeovers. Going private transactions, special committee representations, and hostile and takeover defense advising services are among our specialties.




We invest in startups and serve as full-service incubators for their development. From Seed through Series to Convertible Notes, we participate in all stages of finance.




Since its spinoff around 5 years ago, Vimtra's portfolio has quickly evolved to include over 15 enterprises in North America and India, including information technology consulting, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare analytics, animation studios, and infrastructure.



Capital Placement and Funding


In the information technology, software, staffing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries, we provide access to private equity and mezzanine funds for mergers and acquisitions, growth capital, working capital, restructuring, exit financing, and rescue financing. We provide access to Senior and Junior debt to fund your working, growth capital and acquisition needs.



Business Restructuring, Insolvency and Recovery Advisory


Business Restructuring and Distressed Asset Management services provide creative solutions for business, financial, and legal restructuring, exit strategy, and implementation. We provide guidance and assistance with recovery, turnaround, insolvency, bankruptcy, debtor advice, creditor advisory, and troubled mergers and acquisitions.



Exit Strategies


We can help you plan, execute, and implement successful exit strategies that are tailored to your specific circumstances. We help businesses create value by uncovering insights that lead to new futures and putting in the effort necessary to improve performance.


Private Equity

Vimtra provides access to private equity funds for mergers & acquisitions, growth capital, working capital, restructuring, exit financing & rescue financing in information technology, software, staffing, healthcare, pharmaceutical,  infrastructure & manufacturing businesses. 

Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Startups, Capital Placement & Restructuring