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Capital Placement and Funding


Vimtra provides Private Equity, Senior, Mezzanine and junior Debt for working/growth capital & acquisition needs . Vimtra also works with HNIs, retail & institutional investors, private lenders, hedge funds and provides investment in businesses with privileged market positions, established business models, predictable cash flows and available growth options. The private equity funds invest in Information technology, software, Staffing, healthcare, pharmaceutical,  infrastructure and manufacturing businesses.


Vimtra provides institutional and private investors the opportunity to gain exposure to various assets through unlisted investment funds with industry access across regions covering information Technology, infrastructure sectors and non regulatory regimes. Vimtra specializes in alternative asset management worldwide involving of assets in North America and Asia.


As opportunistic investors, we seek to avoid the momentum-driven inclinations of most institutional investors. Rather, given the cyclicality of the major property sectors, we tend to focus our efforts on those property types that appear to be out of current favor. In applying this approach, we pursue solid, undervalued assets that are often overlooked by the more programmatic investors.

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Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Startups, Capital Placement & Restructuring