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M&A .


Vimtra is currently engaged in rolling up Information Technology services, Product based firms, Life sciences, Pharma and Healthcare solutions firms.. We specialize in Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase, Mergers and Reverse Mergers in both domestic and cross-border transactions.


Our global team of seasoned professionals helps organizations in all industries evaluate the strategic rationale and potential candidates for a Joint Venture or acquisition, assess the potential costs and risks, and consult on local customs and integration issues. Our local presence in multiple countries and regions gives us specific knowledge and insights that can make a crucial difference in addressing different corporate cultures and operating styles. And with our “straight talk” approach, we nurture and manage the degree of trust and mutual understanding between the participants.

We work with Mid to Large sized companies in Financial, Information Technology, Software, Animation, health care, Pharma, Infrastructure and Services who are looking to grow organically. We specialize in representing buyers who are Financial, Information Technology, Software, Animation, Health care, Pharma, Infrastructure or Service companies in their respective verticals.


We assist owners of small and medium-sized companies who are looking for strategic exits from their business through M&A route. Our unique approach to bringing companies to market will present you with multiple deal options and higher offers. 


We discreetly engage your company and perform an assessment on the feasibility. We have the  resources to close a deal in a timely manner and the vision to see the growth opportunities your business offers.


Our typical targets are companies based in North America,  Asia, Australia and Middle East with $5 to $150 Million revenues, who are looking to strategically merge or exit their business. We specialize in acquiring  Information Technology, Software, Animation, Health care, Pharma, Infrastructure or Service companies.



We invest in Startups and act as complete incubators to grow. We participate at all levels of funding from Seed, Series, convertible notes.   


Business Restructuring, Turnaround, Recovery & Insolvency


Businesses in challenging financial situations choose us for our disciplined approach to the transaction process and our ability to rapidly implement creative financing solutions. We work quickly with management to gain a thorough understanding of the situation and the challenges facing all participants in a transaction. We then develop a suite of solutions to address the needs of all stakeholders, while stabilizing our client's business and providing the resources for future growth.


Our goal for restructuring assignments is to minimize the inherent risk, uncertainty and management distraction involved, while maximizing value to our client. Our long-standing relationships with institutional lenders and equity funds enable us to quickly and efficiently implement restructuring transactions.


Working alongside lenders, stakeholders and all levels of management, our professionals are able to plan and deliver restructuring actions that can provide real improvements to the cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet.


Our Restructuring professionals can provide an opportunity for stressed and distressed businesses to stabilize and implement a process of strategic, operational and financial change. The aim is to turn around the performance of a business and to help generate outstanding and lasting value for the stakeholders.


We manage assignments from the  small to mid-market to the largest national and international restructurings and insolvencies. Our experience also extends to any contentious issues arising from restructurings and insolvencies. We have significant experience advising clients on investigation, enforcement, litigation and asset recovery on a multi-jurisdictional basis.


Our typical strategy clients are companies based in North America, Asia, Middle East or Australia  with $5 to $500 Million revenues, who are looking for support to address specific business issues.


Our Business Restructuring and recovery services span all verticals and we focus on delivering insight and value based on our business expertise and international experience


Unmatched Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking


Our Practice's approach is to develop a very sound strategic understanding of each client’s circumstances right upfront, as quickly as possible. We have built a reputation for being aggressive and creative for our diverse clients across the board, not waiting for others to act, but forcing others to react to what we are doing for our clients. We are the go-to team for clients in deep trouble who need a law firm to hit the ground running and to represent them with passion and tenacity.

    •    Debtor Advisory

    •    Creditor Advisory

    •    Out-of-Court Solutions

    •    Distressed Mergers & Acquisitions


How we can help


Finding a way through a crisis is challenging. With the right guidance the task can be made easier, but fast pace of response is essential. The earlier a problem is identified and resolved, the better chances the company has to turn its performance around.


Our Restructuring professionals have extensive experience in steering stresses and distressed businesses towards a stronger position. Our services include


    •    Cost reductions 

    •    Cash management 

    •    Turnaround planning and Implementation 

    •    Financial restructuring 

    •    Exit planning and Implementation 

    •    Debtor, Creditor or Court driven formal restructurings.


Our expertise covers advice on contingency planning, insolvency filing requirements, debt restructuring, distressed financing and reschedulings, distressed acquisitions/sales, credit bidding, formal insolvency proceedings, out-of-court restructuring and refinancing and distressed debt trading. We advise lenders and investors at all levels of the capital structure as well as corporates/directors, central banks, insolvency officeholders/trustees and government institutions.





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