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Overview of My Medicare 

The objectives of developing the Medicare Health Management system is to enable physicians to drive patient participation in devising a personalized care plan with defied care goals, treatment plans and health improvement activities that will be aligned with United States' Medical Home and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program to enable personalized, affordable and quality care.

 General physicians and specialists can now experience continuity of information through a longitudinal view of patient's medical history, assessment and clinical reports. Primary care physicians and specialists can also form Medical Care panels, online, to be deeply engaged with the patients to maintain long-term relationships and facilitate care across the continuum.


Highlights of My Medicare

Provides Web & Mobile enabled and personalized Health care plans based on standard compliance programs.

Connects Primary care Physicians to the Patient and Vice versa via bi-directional sharing of documents, real-time alerts, messages and other critical patient health information

Automates care management tasks and workflows to increase efficiency and effectiveness of care managers so they can spend more time with patients



Our current Consulting Project

Current Scenario in Medical care

In the current system, however, health professionals and patients work together, but display little of the coordination and collaboration that would characterize great results. Patients spend a great deal of time consulting with an endless stream of physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other specialists, who too often are ignorant of past medical histories, medications, or treatment plans and therefore work at cross purposes. When patients are moved from one setting to another—for example, from hospital to rehabilitation centre to home—fragmentation of care results in overlapping or conflicting treatment that is costly and confusing and, worst of all, detrimental to the patient. Many factors, including differing professional and personal perspectives, role competition and technology issues, lack of a common language among the professions, payment systems, and existing hierarchies, have decreased the system’s ability to function, causing defined roles to predominate over meeting patients’ needs.



My Medicare web portal and mobile application


The proposed system will be developed using the Agile Methodology by representing the software in Modules and user stories. Proposed System is uniquely positioned as a cloud based care management services platform on both Mobile and Web which will adopt the core principles of patient centricity, coordinated healthcare, interoperability, mobility, and outcome to better manage chronic, post-acute and patient population.

The built-in collaboration platform in the Healthcare Management solution uses tools such as sms, chat, alerts, reminders, activity workflows and helps in reducing cost by avoiding treatment overlaps, multiple clinical tests or hospitalization. The solution's compatibility with devices such as Smartphones, Tablet PCs and integration with remote patient monitoring devices ensure access to patient medical records at the point of care, for proactive and preventive care delivery. Proposed solution also provides performance analytics to help in developing an outcome driven and quality focused healthcare culture.


Advantages of My Medicare

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